Uno, Due, Tre — new harpsichord album

Elaine Funaro has produced a stunning new album of works for one, two, and three harpsichords by Mark Janello and myself. On the duos and trio, Elaine is joined by her colleagues Beverly Biggs and Rebecca Pechefsky. The CD was recorded in the left transept of Duke Chapel, on the campus of Duke University, by Christopher Greenleaf.

This album contains premiere recordings of my new Sonata No. 3 for Harpsichord, as well as Sonata No. 2 for Two Harpsichords. For more information about this album, follow the link below to CD Baby, which includes contents and track excerpts:




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John Field — Three Nocturnes

Edited by Edwin McLean

John Field preceded Chopin by a generation; in fact, he was a big influence on both Chopin and Liszt.

This new publication contains three of the more accessible nocturnes: No. 13 in D Minor, No. 5 in Bb Major, and No. 10 in E Minor. I edited them using early sources (editions by Franz Liszt and Louis Köhler).

I’ve recorded all three and posted a YouTube recording on my channel (edwinwmclean). The direct link is:

These Nocturnes are a great introduction for students who may not be quite ready for the Chopin Nocturnes, and they are masterpieces in their own right.

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