New painting—”Dancers”

In my sketchbook was an ink drawing that had been on my mind for a  long time . . . so finally decided recently to enlarge it on canvas. I used the old-fashioned grid technique, which involves transferring the image one square at a time, until the entire image is redrawn.

The first photo shows the brother of a student holding up a scan of the original image, and the larger image already drawn in on canvas.

Dancers (lines only)

Dancers (lines only)

The next photo shows my student Gianna holding the completed work:

Dancers (completed)

Dancers (completed)

If you look at the piece as white on black, you see white dancers, but . . . if you look at the piece as black on white, you see black dancers. They are interlocked. A bit of an optical illusion!

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One thought on “New painting—”Dancers”

  1. Timothy Brown

    Ed, this is really clever. Enjoyed seeing your students involved in the process as well.



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