Dancers 2

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Dancers 2

Dancers 2

Dancers 2 is a complementary painting to the first Dancers I did last year — and which I posted on this blog. They are both acrylic on canvas, and are 24 x 30 in size. The image needs to be looked at for a while, since there are both black and white dancers, depending on what your eye catches.

I’m sitting in my studio (in front of the DK10 electronic drum set). On the left is Dancers 1. They make a nice pair, but I’ve gotta move them to a better wall!

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One thought on “Dancers 2

  1. Trudy Thomson

    I love this latest artwork! Strong, bold! I think you should apply to the Orange County Guild if you could stand to have folks come to your house. You could sell CDs while they visit. Just saying, I remain a complete fan!

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