Premiere of Sonata No. 2 for Two Harpsichords

Edwin McLean’s Sonata No. 2 for Two Harpsichords (2014), an Alienor commissioned work, received its premiere performance at McGill University (Montréal, Canada) on May 23, 2015. The performers were Elaine Funaro and Beverly Biggs. The occasion of the premiere was the Ninth Alienor competition final concert featuring juried works and another commissioned duo by Mark Janello.

DSC_0025(Elaine Funaro on left, Beverly Biggs on right)

Elaine and Beverly then went on to Stonington CT and performed the new duo at the La Grua Center on June 6, 2015. They were joined by Rebecca Pechefsky for a performance of  McLean’s Sonata for Three Harpsichords on the same program.

On June 18, the trio moved on to the Boston Early Music Festival, where they performed the same two works again. Below are some lovely pictures of the event.
MM 150606 Biggs-Funaro-Pechefsky A

From left to right: Rebecca Pechefsky, Elaine Funaro, Beverly Biggs

MM 150606 Biggs-Funaro-Pechefsky G

Thank you for three marvelous performances!

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