Ruckers 1628 Harpsichord App in Action


Maybe you’ve heard about the Ruckers 1628 app for harpsichord for iPhone and iPad. I had it for a while because it’s an amazingly detailed sample of a great historic instrument. Problem was, I’m pretty ignorant about technology. My friend Randall Prentice helped me to figure out how to get it to play a MIDI file using Cubasis. Basically, export the MIDI file to Cubasis, then open the Ruckers app and do an inter-app handshake. The result is a great computer-generated performance.

Below is a performance of Sonata No. 2 for Two Harpsichords, the third movement. Mind you, the performance is right out of Finale, so there’s no rubato. Still, it’s an exciting way to present harpsichord music in lieu of real performers!

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